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2013-02-01 The Most Popular Foreign Property among Russians
England and Spain are the most realistic places to buy property, as there is a minimum of documents required, i.e. you do not need to get permission for buying a house or any other certificates. As for the tax, it is not high, it is only 0.3% in Spain, and in Great Britain it does not exist at all if you buy a property for the first time in the country and the amount does not exceed £ 250 000. This law has been temporarily introduced in England in order to stimulate the interest of new buyers buying their first property in the country and it is most likely to be repealed after the Olympics 2012 which will take place in England. You can find the detailed information about taxes for buying property in England in this section of the website. »

2013-02-01 Russia in the Eyes of Foreigners. 10 must see places
Russia which is now better known as the Russian Federation is a country with rich history, culture, and places of incredible beauty that are a an absolute must see.rnrnBelow is just a small list of what this big country has to offer. »

Rating of the Countries According to the ease of Buying Properties for Residents
The experts of Evans company conducted an analysis of residential property markets in about 40 countries of the world and made a rating of the regions where buying an apartment is no more than a dream, or on the contrary a real opportunity. The ratio between the price of the property to the income level of the population was taken as a measure of accessibility to residential property. This indicator reflects the correspondence of the price of an average apartment or a house to an average annual income of a family after taxes. The indicator represents the number of years required to buy a property. These calculations can give only some general idea about accessibility to residential property in this or that region, as average figures have been used. »

Demand for London Property among Foreigners Increases
Central London rents are traditionally determined by demand from foreign corporate tenants renting property in high value premium areas. Increased demand and the presence of frustrated sellers or so called accidental landlords renting out their properties only because they could not sell it when there was such an opportunity are the main reasons why rents have been gradually increasing since the beginning of 2010 and steeply in 2011.rnrnPrice increase has been particularly noticeable in locations where elite property is in high demand, both from British and international clients. This tendency can be clearly seen with regards to premium property of East London (Wapping and Canary Wharf) with rents up 4.3 per cent in the quarter and 13.4 percent year on year and North London (Islington and Hampstead) with rents up 3.6 per cent in the quarter and 16.1 per cent year on year which is 15 per cent above the former peak level of the rent. Much of this growth can be explained by the lack of premium property in London. »

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