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UK Consulting Group is a consulting group based in London specialized in investment in foreign property in Great Britain, Switzerland, Turkey, Cyprus, and other prospective foreign property markets.The company offers a variety of consulting services for foreign property buyers and investors from Great Britain, Russia and CIS in more than 17 areas of business development in different countries. UK Consulting Group is the only company in London offering the full range of services for investors from Russian and CIS not only in property markets of Great Britain and London, but also in other countries.

Choosing a property abroad is a peculiar and interesting process which allows you to see all the advantages and disadvantages of this issue and find out many new and interesting facts about the country and its people, to understand some financial issues in developing your own business in the chosen country and many other useful things before signing sale contract. The most important result of such a research is the right and economically sound choice of a property abroad, the main reason of which is peoples desire for a better and more comfortable life.

Thus, the right choice of a country and aproperty is the first step in the process of buying. Buying property abroad is a final goal. In order to achieve this goal in an unknown country, you will need to have a strong desire, to spend a lot of your time, to prove your solvency, maybe to get a credit from a bank for this purpose.

British experts of UK Consulting Group will conduct a thorough examination and assessment of your choice and will create an optimal property portfolio tailored to your individual needs and showing the prospects of profitable investment in foreign property in Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Cyprus, Turkey and other prospective countries.

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