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Rating of the Countries According to the ease of Buying Properties for Residents The experts of Evans company conducted an analysis of residential property markets in about 40 countries of the world and made a rating of the regions where buying an apartment is no more than a dream, or on the contrary a real opportunity. The ratio between the price of the property to the income level of the population was taken as a measure of accessibility to residential property. This indicator reflects the correspondence of the price of an average apartment or a house to an average annual income of a family after taxes. The indicator represents the number of years required to buy a property. These calculations can give only some general idea about accessibility to residential property in this or that region, as average figures have been used. »» Demand for London Property among Foreigners Increases Central London rents are traditionally determined by demand from foreign corporate tenants renting property in high value premium areas. Increased demand and the presence of frustrated sellers or so called accidental landlords renting out their properties only because they could not sell it when there was such an opportunity are the main reasons why rents have been gradually increasing since the beginning of 2010 and steeply in 2011.rnrnPrice increase has been particularly noticeable in locations where elite property is in high demand, both from British and international clients. This tendency can be clearly seen with regards to premium property of East London (Wapping and Canary Wharf) with rents up 4.3 per cent in the quarter and 13.4 percent year on year and North London (Islington and Hampstead) with rents up 3.6 per cent in the quarter and 16.1 per cent year on year which is 15 per cent above the former peak level of the rent. Much of this growth can be explained by the lack of premium property in London. »» European Property Market Conditions The reason being, the United Kingdom remains the most reliable place for keeping assets in these European economy hard times. Approximately 500 million Euros were invested by Russians into the property market of Great Britain. Sales are increasing, because the number of offers in the premium property sector is limited. There are not enough castles for everyone in the countries of the United Kingdom.Russian buyers have been in a hurry lately, as analysts note. The lack of offers is not the only reason. The Political situation in Russia makes many well-to-do people move their capital abroad, according to experts. The British market happened to be the most favourite and the best known for such clients. Nobody lost by buying a property in the United Kingdom. Investments into English bricks and mortar never lose their value; on the contrary they keep growing. »» Russia the Country of Wealth and Crazy People Many world powers stake on the development of tourism and receive up to one third of the gross export receipt by selling travel services. Many countries do that, but not Russia. Economists watching the tourism sector development have recently found that foreigners spent almost 9 billion dollars in Russia in 2010. That very year Russians spent around 27 billion dollars outside of their country. Moreover, in 2010 foreigners especially those from developed European countries refused to visit Russian tourist centres Suzdal, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Sochi. Imported tourists visit Russia 6 times less frequently than Russian tourists go to Antalia, Cyprus, Greece, Canary Islands, and Thailand resorts.rnrnWhat places do British, American and German tourists like to visit in Russia? Well-to-do people from the EU countries would like to go for a walk in taiga, motor with a motorboat along Lake Baikal or do rafting in the Ural Mountains on rivers full of rapids. People with a more moderate income prefer watching Russian life onboard one of the tourist steamboats or from the window of a tour-bus. It is remarkable that almost none of the tourists from farther abroad wish to come back to Russia for a holiday. The reason is quite trivial a low level of comfort and the rudeness of the staff. »» Property in England Guarantor of Stability A presentation of a new issue of International Residence Foreign Property magazine was held in October. DOM-INFO marketing director V. Yukhnevich presented an analytical article of the company: Property in England guarantor of stability.rnrnProperty in England guarantor of stability!England is one of the most expensive property markets in Europe. Nevertheless, the number of people willing to buy property in England is not decreasing. What is attracting the buyers? Good capital investment, high standard of living, reliable legal system and, as a bonus, proof of a high personal social status these are the main reasons keeping interest towards property in England steady for many years. It is one of the most successful countries of the world. London, its City district to be precise, is an international business symbol attracting successful and well-to-do people from all over the world. »»
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