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UK Consulting Group cooperates with qualified and accredited solicitors in Great Britain, Cyprus, and Russia. Before offering any property or investment opportunities our expert carefully analyzes all the necessary documents to ensure that the buying process will be smooth and free of any possible problems. You can always come to us with any legal questions you have. Our legal experts in Great Britain and Cyprus will be pleased to advice on any matters regarding international law.

Solicitors responsibilities

After you have chosen a solicitor, you need to make an appointment. In the majority of cases the appointment is made within five working days. If the matter is urgent a solicitor will try to meet you as soon as possible. For the appointment you will need to take all the relevant documents. It will also be helpful to make a list of questions you would like to ask a solicitor. A solicitor has to follow certain rules and standards set by The Law Society. You should be given more specific information during your first interview with your solicitor. The information should include:-
  • How the solicitor is going to solve your problem;
  • Detailed explanation of his actions;
  • The information about any costs in a written form. You have the right to public financed legal services or legal assistance;
  • In North Ireland you havethe right to legal assistance depending on the time limits of the case;
  • The Law Society issued adocument called The Clients Charter which will give you the information about any actions you should expect from you solicitor and how you can make acomplaint;
  • Your solicitor does not have to give you a copy of this document, but it is considered good practice if it is done in a written form which has to be approved after the interview in England, Scotland or Wales.
You should make sure that you fully understand everything your solicitor tells you and should not be afraid to ask questions. While working on your case the solicitor should keep you informed on any progress or costs even if they do not have any important news.

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