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Mission and vision

UK Consulting Group is a digital marketing company that conducts its business through digital or electronic technologies which allow it be independent from a physical location. It conducts over 60% of its business via the internet and other digital and informational technologies. The majority of the sales were conducted for the Russian clients and businesses.

Vision the creation of a global corporation with head offices in London and in Moscow providing the consultancy and marketing services to new foreign companies.  Widening the business activities and integration to the more exclusive markets, means transformation from quantity to quality. Transformation from Business to Customers" model of business to Business to Business model.

providing consulting services and products which satisfy customers/companies needs for a better quality life. All businesses need to set objectives for themselves and for the products or services they are offer. Setting objectives is important, it focuses the company on specific aims over a period of time and encourages the staffto reach new heights.

Brand - UK Consulting Group is amarketing consulting group combining 12 companies in Great Britain, Cyprus,Turkey, Russia, and CIS.

2015 Consulting Group
Registered in England
Reg. : 06922947. 145-157 St. John Street | London | EC1V 4PY | United Kingdom
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