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is the most amazing city in the world! Here you can find fantastic museums with expensive pieces, markets where you can buy something antique, the best clubsand shops in Europe. Everyone will surely find something interesting for themselves.

At the present moment there are about 9 million people living in London and its outskirts. London isa cultural and financial center. However, it gained popularity due to its being the seat of the English monarchy. You can watch Changing of the Guard everyday in front of Buckingham Palace.

Transport infrastructureis very well developed in the city. There are buses, trains, underground, andtaxis. The three major airports are Heathrow (the biggest one), Gatwick, andStansted. Many famous actors and musicians live in London. Oligarchs from allover the world found their home in this city. It is a dream for every parent toeducate their child in London and it is not surprising as the best business MBA schools are located here.

Londonis nice in any season: in summer, winter, spring and autumn. If you do notagree, you should go there and see it with you own eyes!

As the temperature in London rarely falls below Zero, you will never be under risk of getting cold.The only risk you will have is to breathe fresh but cold air.

Everyone who has seen Kensington gardens in winter would agree that it is an absolutely amazing experience as visitors are surrounded by greenery all the year round. The view is very touching: green trees and bushes powdered with snow where else can you see anything like this?!

If you wish to get some warmth it is time to get it in a museum. There are hundreds of them in London to suit every taste and if you need to warm up a child, the best option will be the Madame Tussauds museum of wax works. The ideal place for junior school students will be Pollocks toys museum, while teenagers will enjoy Science museum with more than 600 museum pieces on display! History, science, art, war museums Even if you do not get a chance to meet a celebrity on the street, you can always visit Madame Tussauds museum of wax work and meet them there :-). Youwill see all your favorite celebrities made of wax. You can also take a photograph with the Beatles, David Beckham or all of them.

You cannot leave the fashion capital without shopping. You can find quite reasonable prices on Oxford Street, but if you are after luxury, Brampton road and the famous department store Harrods are the best places to visit.

London is indeed one of the biggest cities in the world. It is a melting pot of all cultures and religions, the leading center of finance, trade, commerce, culture, fashion, and education. It is the place of residency of the British monarchy so much loved by the English people, where the London of Shakespeare is being mixed with the London of the 21st century. Being the biggest city in Great Britain London is not only its capital, it is also renowned for a varietyof parks and amusements for all the tourists, adults and children alike.

London is a city of galleries where you can find absolutely everything. One of the most famous museums is the British museum. It is an impressive building housing a great number of collections of art from primitive societies to the latest works of world known artists. There are also some of the sculptures from the Parthenon displayed. You may also find it interesting to visit the Tate Modern Great Britain national museum of modern art. Here you can find some of the latest works of art by such artists as Picasso for instance.

You should also visit the London Eye the highest Ferris wheel in the world, for those who ride thew heel they will get a view of 55 most famous London attractions. Without a doubt, this is a breathtaking experience!

If youve had enough of the museums it is time to turn to the history of London. Visit London Tower one of the most fortified buildings in the world. Here you can watch the key ceremony which has been taking place for the last 700 years. Speaking about history, a trip to London will not be complete without visiting Buckingham palace. Buckingham palace is the queens office and residence at the same time.You can also watch Changing of the Guard which takes place right in front of the palace.

London offers different city trips some of which include a drive around London on the open bus. You should definitely use this opportunity otherwise you risk missing many wonderful things that London has to offer.

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