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Internet, RussianInternet, the History of Internet

Russian Internet? What is it? Does it exist? Not so long ago I was asked: Is there Internet in Russia? I would like to give the main information about RuNet Russian Internet.

  • The Russian language is the 6th wide spread language in the world together with Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, and Arabic. Itis also one of the 6 UN languages (Reuters Press Agency);
  • Runet is used by more than 40 million users, i.e. 28% of the population in Russia. Runet receives an annual income of $3billion in world transactions (Russian Internet Forum);
  • Russia ranks 6th(out of 7) in the world according to a number of domains (.ru). In September 2007 there were 1 million domains and in March 2009 this number increased to 2million The first Russian website was opened 15 years ago;
  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has already approved the registration of domains using Cyrillic alphabet rf. (The Russian Federation). The procedure is ready to the details, the initial registration began in November 2009 and this domain was the first one not to use the Latin letters (RussiaToday);
  • Advertising in theRussian language is expected to increase annually by 50% and make up $1billion by the end of the decade (Russia Today);
  • In august 2009 54.5% of all data searches in Russian was done through, Russian Google (34.5%),, Russian Yahoo!, AOL, Microsoft, according to the recent research on the popularity of the Russian Internet;
  • In 2008 was the second largest Internet market in Europe.

Among the Top Advertisers on the Internet are:

  1. Mobile operators- Beeline, Megafon, MTS (MTSC)
  2. Automobile companies  - Nissan (NSANY), Toyota (TM), Peugeot, Volvo
  3. Mobile phone producers- Nokia (NOK)
  4. Consumer goods producers- Wrigley (WWY), Procter & Gamble(PG)
  5. Technologies- Intel (INTC), IBM (IBM), Microsoft(MSFT)
  6. Telecommunications -Comstar
  7. Shops- Eldorado, M-Video, Evroset,Technosila
  8. Financial services -Citibank (C), Maxwell (MXWL)

 That is why if you wish to advertise property, goodsor services in Russian through Internet, you will be included in this list.

You can visit UK Consulting Group without any hesitation and ask any questions you have about joining this fast growing information medium Russian Internet.

The History of the Internet and the Creators of the Internet

Since the time of our planets existence, a countless number of scientists contributed greatly to the development of culture, science, and technology giving impetus to the development of civilization with seven-league strides.Lets try to recall some of the geniuses:

  • Hippocrates is famous for great discoveries in the field of medicine whichare still used at the present day.
  • Alexander Graham Bell - a scientist experimentalist who invented telephone communication.This invention solved a lot of communication problems.
  • James Watt the inventor of the steam engine. Thisinvention encouraged the development of industry in many countries of theworld.
  • Berners-Lee the inventor and as he is often calledthe father of the Internet. It was him who created World Wide Web (WWW). Thisperson gave a start to the modern Internet network. He was a pioneer instarting a new era of Internet technologies.

It was announced on radio, TV, and in the press that the era of information technologies and Internet has begun, but not many people think about who was responsible for this.

It was only in 2004 when the names of the creator of WWW (Berners-Lee and his team) were announced at the annual ceremony which took place at the Royal Supreme Court, and the whole world learned about the initiators of the well-know Internet. They were awarded the honorary title of the greatest Englishmen of the year 2004!

In 2009 for his unique idea Berners-Lee was given the honor to be come a commander of the Order of the British Empire which meant enlisting him as a knight. Berners-Lee was pleasantly surprised that the Queen of Great Britain and her family appreciated the idea of the Internet worl dwide network.

Except from the above mentioned awards sir Berbers-Lee became Millennium Technology Prize winner. This award is not widely known due to its recent introduction; however it has the same level of importance as the Noble Prize.

Together with the award sir Berners-Lee received a monetary reward of 1 million euro. This monetary reward was introduced by the Finnish Technology Award Foundation.

At the present day sir Berners-Lee lives with his family in America and works at Massachusetts Technological University being the head of World Wide Web Consortium.

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