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Cyprus is a country in the eastern partof the Mediterranean Sea. The history of the island goes back to about 10thousand years ago and starts from the late Stone Age. Mysterious antiquity andEuropean chic are the two components attracting our countrymen to this island.Lovers are dying to see the land of divine Aphrodite and to join in wedlock atthe blessed place. Cypriot resorts gain more popularity among Russians due to ahigh level of service and hospitality. Clean environment and infrastructure ofCypriot resorts are market by the Blue Flag the European Union award.

North Cyprus (TRNC,Turkish Cyprus) is the most attractive part of the island, less inhabited andthe most beautiful one. It is not by chance that the country is experiencing aproperty boom: houses, villas, apartments and resale property.  

Hotels in Cyprus an oasis of luxury and comfort.

Aya-Napa, Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol, Kyrenia,Famagusta, Karpas This small islandis easy to drive around in just a few days. Each of the hotels in Cyprus is asmall country with its own character and infrastructure. There are indoorswimming pools with sea water, gyms and tennis courts, restaurants with livemusic and delicate cuisine. Alongside classical rooms, hotels can offer roomsfor business people and newlyweds, villas on the beach and studio type rooms.Russian
tourists are familiar with the comfortable and friendly atmosphere of hotels in Cyprus. It isespecially pleasant that there is Russian speaking staff in hotels. You will beassisted in organizing any special occasion: wedding or anniversary Maximum ofexperience for reasonable prices is the strategy of the tourism business inCyprus.

Holiday in Cyprus four best seasons.

What is the best time to go on holiday in Cyprus? It is a traditional questionthat every tourist asks. A holiday in Cyprus will leave you with a lot ofimpressions whatever season you choose. There are 300 bright sunny days in ayear so the island is ready to make its guests happy. Spring brings a number of
carnivals and masquerades,absorbing the atmosphere of happiness, colorful costumes and dancing. Summerinvites you to visit festivals of drama and art, troupes from all over theworld come together to perform on the stage of the antique theatres. For morethan 100 years carnivals to honor Dionysus the wine god have been taking placein the larger cities of Cyprus. During the wine festivals in autumn wine is inabundance. The price is half a dollar (entrance fee). For those who love to spendtime in an active way, different activities are on offer: diving, yachting,tennis courts and riding. Winter is the best time for skiing fans. You will alsoappreciate picturesque views and clean air. And its not by chance that Englishpeople chose this place at the time of their rule in Cyprus so many years ago.Discover theland of divine Aphrodite!

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