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Professional customer support and English service are the basis of business for UK Consulting. Our experience in the foreign property market and investments is your advantage and your success abroad. Our goal is not only to offer the best investment products on the market. We also try to make your experience of working with us in the field of foreign investment property as smooth as possible.

UK Consulting Group is a group of international experts in foreign property holding British diplomas and accreditations.

In UK Consulting we are proud to have an opportunity to provide access to high quality investments which are difficult to access in the open foreign property market. Our goal is always to act professionally as a responsible player in the unregulated market. We examine not only the market itself, but also the processes in the macroeconomic environment. We hold an opinion that no other company in this field pays so much attention to each project as UK Consulting Group does. At the present day we are one of the most established companies specialising exclusively in foreign property market. Economic decline gave us an opportunity to hire the most experienced and competent people in the field. In our opinion we have a high level of corporate knowledge which exceeds other companies in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries working in the same field.

Our main goal is to offer our customers the best service in the field of foreign property. Our company has been operating for a long time and in our opinion more that 60% of our profit comes from returning customers. We are trusted and recommended to friends, relatives and colleagues. Our competitors are afraid of us, and we respect them as they assist us in expanding and give us ideas about new techniques and strategies. We hire only competent consultants and teach them not to sell but to work with people and satisfy their needs. We do not hire sales people; instead we conduct training on foreign property investment market. The result is a knowledgeable and professional team, competent and devoted to their job that does not have to resort to intrusion or hardsell.

From its early days, our company was based on the opening up of new markets, offering corporate investment opportunities for individual exclusive customers that often consider us as a private foreign capital bank offering new ways of capital realization.

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we offer only the best, secure, carefully assessed investment objects in the market.

Customer support and consultative approach are the basis of our professional service, providing customers with well-considered, analytically analyzed offers based on facts, as well as a purposeful team on after-sale service which takes care of customers and works with people with any resales or possible problems.

we believe that there are only a few companies that have managed to research and develop as much knowledge about the international property investment market as we have. Our employees are fully qualified experts in the foreign property and investment market.

Employees - hiring, training and keeping the best staff in their field through motivation and promotion prospects.

Our international agents network working with partners and subpartners allows us to have one of the biggest international agents network Uniting borders in Europe, Near East,America, far East, and Russia.

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