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Great Britain. England. London.

Great Britain is a country of never ending rain and fog. Its climate to a great extent is influenced by the warm Gulf Stream. By the way, climatic conditions of the country are mild, humid, and oceanic. However, what concerns mountainous Scotland, the northern part of the island tobe precise, sometimes it is icy cold and snow covers the land from Novembertill May.

The wettest cities are London, Manchester, and Liverpool. The rain season lasts for about 200 daysper year. As for the famous London smog, caused by burning coal for heating and humid air, however, within time it stopped to be the distinguishing feature ofthe city. The reason being is that in modern London its residents prefer central heating or electric heaters over furnaces and fireplaces. During the last one and a half centuries smog has significantly cleared away.

British people are notable for their reserve and somewhat cold character. There is such an opinion that a Briton is used to spending their free time in a decorous club. In fact, this is not quite true. As many other people of different nationalities British people can have fun and some of them even take an active part in mass unrest in the football stadiums. Many European cities where football matches take place are familiar with the English fan syndrome.

Due to the fact that British historyis rich in events a lot of monuments have been erected. There are architectural and historical monuments almost in every British city. The capital of the country London is, among other world cities, included in the list of World Heritage Sites.

Great Britain is considered a highly developed industrial country. It is among the leaders in production volume and many other industries of the world level. England has always been the leader and it was the first to open textile factories, metallurgical works, and machinery plants. Even Peter I himself devoted a lot of his time to studying in England in 1698 and discovering the secrets of English ship builders.

The countrys economy is strengthened by such industries as chemical industry, electronics, and mechanical engineering. Oil and natural gas reserves are located in the North Sea and drilling for natural resources is quite active. Agriculture is one of the most mechanized and productive agricultures in the world. Dairy-farming, pig farmingand poultry breeding is common in the western part of the country, sheep farming is widespread in Scotland and Wales.

A part of agricultural products is exported. As for the fishing fleet of Great Britain, it is the 5th largest among all the European countries. Besides, collecting oysters also plays an important role in the country.

The North and theWest of the British islands are characterized by massifs. The Pennine Chainmade of limestone and granite prevails in the North England. The Cambrian Mountains with a number of waterfalls and lakes are located in the main part of Wales. Besides, Wales is famous for its picturesque green valleys, twisting rivers and heaths. The South-East of Wales is comprised of downs and fertile plains.

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