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Consulting on Foreign Property Investment

For more than 11 years UK Consulting has been offering high quality consulting andpractical solutions for individuals, companies, corporations, funds on theglobal basis. We assist in all aspects of investment (increasing a retail portfolio): from strategy development, introduction of the structure and itsimplementation, to portfolio management.

Our advice and recommendations are givenby more than 60 consultants and experts all over the world. More than 2.700investors with assets exceeding $3.5 billion use our consultingservices. Our competent employees assess economic and capitalmarket tendencies, investment products, and managers all over the world; they are accessible through our ownmechanisms for making well-grounded decisions.

UK Consultingcompany is also a world supplier of extensive investment decisions using aversatile managing philosophy of investment. UK Consultingcompany is also known in consulting and management research on the world level.Withthe help of our own management assets and portfolio making techniques, UKConsulting creates and supplies integral and innovative strategies for investment in Great Britain, Russia, Turkey, USA, and Australia for investors from Europe and America.

To Investors

At UKConsulting we are proud of our research and achievements. We work in areas with a high capital growth, income andinvestment potential. We have unmatched experience in searching for propertycombined with constant research and marketing in the foreign property market.

We work with off plan property and finished buildings,rental and commercial property all over the world. In most cases you will be providedwith personal experts, financiers and solicitors for your convenience. You donot have to use the services offered by a third party as these are services foryour personal convenience.

Every time when there is anopportunity (in most of the cases when large investments are involved) ourcompany will provide you with benefits. It can be rent warranty,discounts, some deposits, interest rates, etc.

Everyone knows that goodproperty brings money and sells fast. There are people all over the world thatwould like to buy this property and the only problem is to find a good fund anda reliable property seller.

We conduct seminars andforums for the buyers to help them to find high quality property and to getprofessional advice on buying property and other financial matters. Property sellerscan advertise their property in one portfolio on the forum (this is better thanthe traditional way of advertising each object separately), which is suitablefor both sides.

If you would like todiscuss your own requirements, please call us, send us an email, or consult oneof our experts. Information that interests you can be in our database or(depending on the conditions) we can find a property you are looking for duringyour first visit.

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