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Business in England

Business in England

An opportunity to run a business in Great Britain has long been attracting our fellow countrymen from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other countries of the former USSR. Since older times The United Kingdom of Great Britain has been renowned for its deep-seated traditions, principles and iron laws which are strictly followed as now here else in the world.The main thing is that a foreign businessman can fully realize their potential without any fear of being discriminated by local companies. This is the reason why a huge part of investments in Great Britain comes from foreign companies.

According to The Forbes, London always takes the leading position according to the number of billionaires. More than a half of the mare foreigners. Top of the list are Lakshmi Mittal, Roman Abramovich and Leonard Blavatnik. No other city in the word can boast this many foreign billionaires living there.

 According to The Forbes,well-off businessmen that can easily choose any other city in the world as aplace for their permanent residency still prefer London due to a number of advantages it has over other modern Megalopolises.

The main reason for this is huge tax remissions. According to British law a person who does not have British citizenship but has been living in London for a long time has the right to pay taxes only on the income received in Great Britain. That means that billionaires with the residency status do not have to pay taxes on the income received from other countries. More than once the British government has threatened to put an end to this loophole. However it exists to the present day and more than 100 thousand foreigners take advantage of it. Many of them are dollar multimillionaires.

A developed luxurious infrastructure is also an important factor for well-off Londoners. It is possible to find any service or any professional in any field in the capital of Great Britain: from gardeners and dog hairdressers to governesses and bodyguards, trainers and financial consultants. Apart from that, London attracts wealthy people with its economical and political stability and also the opportunity to take an active and direct part in financial and business life of the planet.

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