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2013-02-01 The Most Popular Foreign Property among Russians England and Spain are the most realistic places to buy property, as there is a minimum of documents required, i.e. you do not need to get permission for buying a house or any other certificates. As for the tax, it is not high, it is only 0.3% in Spain, and in Great Britain it does not exist at all if you buy a property for the first time in the country and the amount does not exceed £ 250 000. This law has been temporarily introduced in England in order to stimulate the interest of new buyers buying their first property in the country and it is most likely to be repealed after the Olympics 2012 which will take place in England. You can find the detailed information about taxes for buying property in England in this section of the website. »» 2013-02-01 Russia in the Eyes of Foreigners. 10 must see places Russia which is now better known as the Russian Federation is a country with rich history, culture, and places of incredible beauty that are a an absolute must see.rnrnBelow is just a small list of what this big country has to offer. »» 2013-02-01 Russia the Country of Wealth and Crazy People Many world powers stake on the development of tourism and receive up to one third of the gross export receipt by selling travel services. Many countries do that, but not Russia. Economists watching the tourism sector development have recently found that foreigners spent almost 9 billion dollars in Russia in 2010. That very year Russians spent around 27 billion dollars outside of their country. Moreover, in 2010 foreigners especially those from developed European countries refused to visit Russian tourist centres Suzdal, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Sochi. Imported tourists visit Russia 6 times less frequently than Russian tourists go to Antalia, Cyprus, Greece, Canary Islands, and Thailand resorts.rnWhat places do British, American and German tourists like to visit in Russia? Well-to-do people from the EU countries would like to go for a walk in taiga, motor with a motorboat along Lake Baikal or do rafting in the Ural Mountains on rivers full of rapids. People with a more moderate income prefer watching Russian life onboard one of the tourist steamboats or from the window of a tour-bus. It is remarkable that almost none of the tourists from farther abroad wish to come back to Russia for a holiday. The reason is quite trivial a low level of comfort and the rudeness of the staff. »» 2011-11-21 DOM-INFO Consulting took part in Foreign Property Exhibition in Moscow DOM-INFO UK Consulting Group took an active part in a property exhibition that was held between the 16th and 20th of November 2011. Our experts and the management of our company held consultations and seminars about buying and investing in the foreign property sphere of Great Britain, Croatia, Turkey and North Cyprus. Moscow residents showed a particular interest towards property in Great Britain, London in particular, and an opportunity of starting a business in the city. According to present calculations, around 500 people visited the exhibition and there have been more than 400 applications submitted. »»
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