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United Kingdom

United Kingdom, Great Britain

Moving to Great Britain: Why shouldyou study in Great Britain?

Universities of Great Britain offer high quality education recognized all over the world. There are more opportunities than ever before: at the present day there are more than 55 thousand types of post-graduate programs and research opportunities which can be chosen from only one Prospects database. 

Teaching of the world standard

Offering excellent high quality education according to Great Britain standards is guaranteed by the work of different official agencies such as The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).Research standards are examined in the ResearchAssessment Exercise which publishes the results of research every 5 years.The results of their evaluation can be viewed on the Internet. The information about quality assurance and evaluation can be learned at Higher EducationFunding Councils.

International tradition

In 2008/2009139,095 students from the countries which are not part of the Free Economic Zone received post-graduate education in educational institutions of Great Britain.The reason why people come to get an education in Great Britain is its quality. One more reason is money. As opposed to similar programs in the USA and Australia most of the masters programs last one year. 

Business language The main reason for studying language is anopportunity to perfect your English which is one of the most important skillsin International business. If you come from a country which is not a part ofthe European Union, especially if you study economic disciplines, you willappreciate most the opportunity to watch how the European market works.

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