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The Most Popular Foreign Property among Russians


England and Spain are the most realistic places to buyproperty, as there is a minimum of documents required, i.e. you do not need toget permission for buying a house or any other certificates. As for the tax, itis not high, it is only 0.3% in Spain, and in Great Britain it does not existat all if you buy a property for the first time in the country and the amountdoes not exceed £ 250 000. This law has been temporarily introduced in Englandin order to stimulate the interest of new buyers buying their first property inthe country and it is most likely to be repealed after the Olympics 2012 whichwill take place in England. You can find the detailed information about taxesfor buying property in England in thissection of the website.

It is also easy to get a mortgage while buying aproperty abroad.

There are three types of property on the Spanishmarket: apartments, houses, and villas. Speaking about the differences, one cannotice that apartments, for instance, are located in close proximity to thesea, and a house has a big and well-attended plot of land attached to it.

Now lets talk about property in Montenegro. The firstthing that has to be taken into consideration is that expenses are going to bemuch higher in this case comparing to the previous one (i.e. in Spain). Theprocedure of execution of documents requires a lot of money. You should notforget about realtors services, which will cost you around 3 %.

We would like to focus your attention on the fact thatbefore 2007 it was easy to buy property at cheap prices. Without any doubtsMontenegro has many advantages, its magnificent landscape being one of them.Its mountains that are located close to the sea take your breath away. Inwinter Montenegro is a wonderful place for sport.

However, Spain still remains the leader in housebuying among foreigners, as its quality is equal to that of Montenegro, andprices are significantly different. England has always been and will continueto be the best and the most prestigious place for education, business, livingand investing. It is not by chance that the richest people in the world keepinvesting their millions into the economy of Great Britain.

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