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Russia in the Eyes of Foreigners. 10 must see places


Russia which is now better known as the RussianFederation is a country with rich history, culture, and places of incrediblebeauty that are a an absolute must see.

Below is just a small list of what this big countryhas to offer.

1. Red Square in Moscow

This place is number one of all tourist destinationsespecially for foreigners visiting the Russian capital. Here you can see St.Basils Cathedral and the State History Museum. If you wish to experience more,you can visit Lenin Mausoleum, which is also located here.

2. Mausoleum

The embalmed body of the leader of the Sovietrevolution Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is displayed here. Warning: all the bags willhave to be left with the security. It is also forbidden to use mobile phonesand take pictures inside of the mausoleum. 

3. The Kremlin

Visiting Russia will not be complete without visitingthe Kremlin. The Kremlin Diamond Fund deserves special attention as itpossesses a unique collection of precious stones started by Peter I.

4. The OldArbat  

If you are looking for souvenirs you should definitelyvisit the Old Arbat. Besides souvenir shops and fantastic architecture, thereis a great variety of wonderful cafes and restaurants. 

5. The StateTretyakov Gallery

The gallery boasts a collection of paintings made byfamous Russian artists. During the Great Patriotic War all the pieces weretaken to Novosibirsk on a train with 17 carriages, and in May 1945 they werereturned back to Moscow. The Gallery is one of the best museums of art in theworld.

6. New Arbat Avenue

One step away from the Old Arbat is a new and modernNew Arbat Avenue. There are many high-class restaurants and fashionable shops,but all of them are quite expensive. Life here does not stop even at night.

7. Tverskaya Street

This street is also an indicator of the fashionablelife of the Russian capital there are expensive boutiques, cafes,restaurants, hotels, and theatres. Walking along Tverskaya Street you can see alot of beautiful buildings, admire the architecture and watch the bustling lifeof the megalopolis.

8. Gorky Park

This is the most famous park in the whole of Moscow.You can visit the attractions or go for a slow walk along the pond. In wintertime the park becomes a place for different contests and ice sculptureexhibitions. Local people skate on the frozen pond. Many courts in Moscow arestill considering the complaints regarding park entrance fees that wereintroduced.

9. The Hermitage Museum, St.Petersburg

If you are a true art lover, you should definitelyvisit this museum. It houses the works of such world known artists as Leonardo daVinci, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and many others. You can have an audio tourabout the life of the artists and the history of their works which account for3 million pieces, according to the latest data.

10. The Peter and PaulFortress (Petropavlovsk Fortress)

If you are familiar with the history of the Romanovsfamily, you will certainly like this place. At midday sharp one can hear thesound of the cannon a tradition that was laid by Peter I to signal thebeginning of the lunch break. Petropavlovsk Cathedral is located on thefortress territory and is the burial vault for the Russian Emperors.

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