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Rating of the Countries According to the ease of Buying Properties for Residents

The experts of Evans company conducted an analysis ofresidential property markets in about 40 countries of the world and made arating of the regions where buying an apartment is no more than a dream, or onthe contrary a real opportunity. The ratio between the price of the property tothe income level of the population was taken as a measure of accessibility to residentialproperty. This indicator reflects the correspondence of the price of an averageapartment or a house to an average annual income of a family after taxes. Theindicator represents the number of years required to buy a property. Thesecalculations can give only some general idea about accessibility to residentialproperty in this or that region, as average figures have been used.

The fivecountries with the least accessible property are:

Morocco. It ranks first among countries with the slightestopportunity to buy an apartment of your dream. An average price for a propertyis 144 800 Euros, while an average annual income of a Moroccan family makes up 2145Euros. To buy a simple apartment the average Moroccan needs 67.5 years.  

Pakistan. It comes second in the list of the countries with theleast available dwelling space. The average property price is 74 953 Euros, anda Pakistani can buy an apartment only after 40.6 years of working.

Montenegro. An average family annual income is 5038 Euros, whileproperty prices are around 151 155 Euros on average in the country, which meansthat a Montenegrin will have to put by his salary for about 30 years.

Belarus. 90 000 Euros is an average property price. Anaverage family annual income reaches 3203 Euros. 28.1 years of saving willresult in buying an apartment.

Russia. It closes the first five leaders among the countrieswith the least accessible property. An average price for property in Moscow is 303151 Euros, it is much cheaper in the regions only 64 102 Euros. An averagefamily annual income is 3080 Euros around the country, and 11050 Euros inMoscow. Thus, you could get an opportunity to buy an apartment in Russia onlyafter 26.1 years of working.

The fivecountries with the most accessible property are:

The USA. It takes its confident first place. An average pricefor residential property on the American continent is 95 536 Euros.

Dominican Republic. Only 3.5 years of working will make a dream of anaverage Dominican to buy a property come true.

Chile. An average Chilean family annual income is 11 310 Euros,and an average price for a property is 45 794 Euros. 4.05 years of hard workwill guarantee a resident of this country an opportunity of buying anapartment.

Sweden. With the average price for property of 119 536 Eurosand an average family annual income of 28 461 Euros, Sweden is insignificantlyinferior to the previous country. 4.2 years of saving will allow a residentwith an average income to buy an apartment.

Belgium. It closes the first five countries of the rating. 121723 Euros is an average price for property, and an average family annual incomeis 28 307 Euros. On finding a job in Belgium, in 4 years time you could live inyour own apartment.

The twenty countries with the most accessible propertyare: Germany, Honduras, Bangladesh,South Africa (5,1 years), Cyprus(5,13 years), Austria (5,2 years), Switzerland (5,4 years), Turkey (5,6 years), Bahrain (5,7 years), Ecuador (5,8 years), Canada (6,2 years), Finland (6,2 years), Brazil (6,3 years), Australia (6,3 years). According to AnnaLevitova, the managing partner of the company, we can only hope that economygrowth will make it possible for Russians to buy properties.

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